Previously, air suspension was exclusive for heavy vehicles such as trucks and busses. However, in recent years, the trend of installing it in cars is on the rise. Furthermore, this trend shows no signs of subsiding. And here’s why:

1. Driving becomes more comfortable

Did you ever drive for a while, only to feel like you’ve been run over by a stampede the moment you step out of a car? Well, there’s a good reason for that.

Manufacturing imperfections of both cars and roads result in noise and vibrations. Both of these can cause discomfort to the driver. Granted, on shorter routes, this is barely noticeable. However, after an hour or two, you start feeling like you’re driving around in a cocktail shaker. And the barista is furious.

But, with quality air suspension and shock absorbers, these negative effects become virtually non-existent. Driving becomes like gliding through the air – smooth and enjoyable.

2. Increased longevity of your car

The same vibrations that cause you discomfort also negatively impact other components of your car. They are transmitted throughout the entire car, thus increasing wear on it as a whole. This becomes increasingly noticeable as the car builds up mileage. In turn, this can lead to a series of issues and a shorter lifespan of your car. In other words: installing air suspension will make your car last longer, and by a margin!

3. Your tires will last longer

With air suspension, you effectively reduce the punishment harsh road and vibrations cause to the tires. The more effective the suspension – the less wear your tires sustain. And the better the tires – the better the handling. Therefore, you’re not only saving quite a bit of money on new tires. You’re also increasing the overall safety of your vehicle.

4. Better handling, regardless of the terrain

With air suspension, you can tweak your car to the conditions of the road. And you don’t even have to go to the mechanic to do that. It’s all at the press of a button. As you adjust the air suspension of your car, you effectively:

  • Improve control when turning;

  • Increase cornering speed;

  • Improve handling of rough terrains.

  • Decrease drag at higher speeds.

The last point here also leads to another big benefit.

5. Improved fuel economy

Most manufacturers design their cars to be aerodynamic, to a larger or lesser extent. Still, this doesn’t mean you cannot further improve it. As we mentioned, air suspension lets you lower the height of your car. This, in turn, allows for better aerodynamics, i.e. less wind resistance. So, your car will be able to achieve better speed, on less fuel.

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